Friday, February 18, 2011

Free trips for everyone!

Are your memories capable of telling stories?  These Storybook pages let me share my stories easily, and digitally.  They look awesome and the program allows me to work where I am.  Storybook Creator is on my own computer.  No more standing at the kiosks working to edit photos in the store.  No more needing to be online to play with my photos, only to find out that the free books ordered were not made with the quality desired.  Creative Memories has it all, and can be trusted to take the best care of your memories.

My smile was huge when I was working on my Cancun book earlier this week, as I scoured through 2200 photos from my camera.  What an amazing trip...and Creative Memories offers these trips FREE! 

Do you love to travel?  Imagine getting paid to travel on incentive trips?  The sunshine in the winter was perfect and Oh, how CM spoiled us in Mexico!!! 

I would love to meet with you to discuss the opportunites.  Next winter, we could be on an airplane together getting away from the Minnesota winters!  Is it time for you to make a change?

March 1st kicks off a brand new year long program called the "Road to Rewards".  If you are looking for a job you can love, and want to make the money you deserve to make.  It can be done, and I will help you make your success goals happen!  Learn more here, and get ready to sign in March!