Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Creative Memories blessings

Sooo...the house is trashed and the feast was devoured.  The Thanksgiving weekend is over, and what do we do now? 
Ok, shop but the one thing that sticks out in my mind is to remember the blessings that we are celebrating in our lives.
Shop...yes shop!  But while you are thinking of those friends and family members that are blessings to you, think about what a difference you can make in their lives.  If you were to express yourself to those very important people, what would you want them to know?  How can YOU be a blessing to them?
1.  Tell them - write notes, cards, storybooks.
2.  Show them - create photo panels, everyday displays and albums.
3.  Brag about them to others - share the memories with others all around!
If you have not finished your shopping yet ( who does that before Dec 1?) then make your list, check it twice and give those you love the blessings of CM!  Seriously, heartfelt gifts are the best afterall:)
Join us for Tecki Tuesday tomorrow, just let me know if you are planning to attend!
9-12 am, 7-10pm
18600 124th Ave
Dayton MN 55327

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving is in the air

Good morning!  Today I am feeling so very blessed and wanted to know if you are too.  Sharing blessings with others helps us to recognize all that we have.  Remember, it is about wanting what you have!

Today I am sharing a blessing...ADAM!  Our youngest son, he just turned 15 in October and I am so grateful for him. Adam is sweet, quiet and a serious thinker.  Looking back on these photos really makes my heart smile.  I am SO glad I took them , as he grew up so fast. 

Enjoy your photos!  And to learn more about taking simple but great photos, check out this awesome site HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR BABY.  I met and spent some time with Nick Kelsh in Minneapolis this summer.  He is all about getting those pics.  And quite entertaining as well!!!