Friday, October 15, 2010

Day Fifteen

Todays going to be a good, good day!  Hey, did you ever see this video? It is from Oprah Winfreys 24th year show opener.  They sure surprised her!  Whether you are an Oprah fan or not, it is VERY cool and super inspiring to me.  Here is the link...IVE GOT A FEELING  Just click to see the flash mob video.  Just watch the energy multiply!

Today is a fruitful Friday in my storybook.  I decided to TOTALLY embarass the kiddies today and show them off in their normal everyday grubbiness.  I guess since it was 1999, they were partying hard cause they look like a little train wreck!  What started as one little girl soon became the Brissebunch!  Our fmaily mascot is the rabbit, as one friend put it to us...Brisse's multiply!  Again...its fruitful Friday!

So today, spread the word and be fruitful...share what is good in your life with someone that needs to hear it.  Be there for more people than you think you have the energy for.  Inspire someone that needs to be held up when there seems to be no up!  Do it, and watch the energy grow...really, it is always better to do for others.  It makes you grow as well:)  The page?  Oh yeah, it was made in Storybook Creator.  How long did it take me?  Two minutes.  I picked a pre-designed page, dragged the photo into the frame, and added the text.  No more excuses, just try it...for goodness sakes lets get together and you can do it on my computer to see that it is just this easy!  Take the time, and make a difference.  Embarass your kids today!

Todays quote:

Everyone has to learn to think differently, bigger, to open to possibilities.
- Oprah Winfrey


  1. really cute kiddies and way-cool page -- I usually stay away from the pre-made pages but i think I'll have to go try them out -- maybe on your computer since you offered LOL!
    Embarrass the kiddies, huh? Kitties too? Can they even be embarrassed?
    the oprah vid was fun.
    love this 90 day idea BTW ... maybe should be a StoryStars idea to do -- all set up bloggies and then :-)

  2. Oops - here's a nuther comment from "Zee Pesht of Duh Eest" -- all that wonderful story about the bunny as mascot and all needs to go on the page or into the book somewhere -- it's those stories that make it all so much more fun and wonderful ... (though it is a wonderful pixture without the story but the story adds to it, ya know?)