Saturday, September 10, 2011

Holiday Planner Twelve Weeks Til Christmas FREE~

Print out the awesome Tecki Tuesday schedule, for this time Fall is all about planning! I have designed the ultimate digital project planner that will showcase your Storybook Creator and Memory Manager projects.

*Please note, there will not be  Tecki Tuesday on October 25th due to a regional Creative Memories consultant meeting in Maple Grove MN.  The topic for that day will be the week prior along with that weeks message and lesson.  Thanks.

We will start with a printed version of my ultimate holiday planner guide, and each month we will update your plans.  This year success will happen through early planning.  Imagine, gifts that cost as little as $2!  And treat your friends and family to fabulous decorations that even the non-crafty will love sharing!

Tecki Tuesday is designed for you and your project time. I am here to help, will coach you to success and its free.  What have you got to lose besides the stressful holiday gift issues that most of us face each season...

Make a plan to get there.  Make a plan to be ready this year...make a plan to use your photos and memories to bring the heart of the holidays back into your home!!!

Get Storybook Creator Here!  For PC

Get SBC Studio HERE!  For Mac

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Have you seen a pre-designed page?

Today was awesome!  The first day of school is "mama does the happy dance" day around here.  First , the kids are back on a good the end of summer can get boring in Dayton MN.  The best part though?  I get to use my computer for the entire day!  Ok, I was not online all day but I could have been.

This page kicked off the celebration as our annual pics of the kids on the first day out on our front steps is a tradition.  This is the year we are moving to a smaller amount of kiddies though.  First, Maia went, then Sara and Mike...followed by Adam and Maddie.  Now its just the two of them.  Adam and Maddie did the awful deed of smiling as  they could, since it was a bit early.  They are growing up so FAST!

Getting back to the page, my friend asked how I did this so fast today?  My answer...pre-designed pages.  It is the way I get results fast.  Kind of like baking fresh cookies but using the cookie dough that is all mixed up for you.  Do you like that idea?  Me too!!!  Take a look here to see what I am talking about ok?

Here is how it started out.  All I did was click to add my text to the page, and drag my photos into the frames.  SO EASY!  If you liked the page, and other ideas for these pages why not try it yourself? 
By the way, Storybook Creator ( the program to do all of this in) is on sale for just $32.50 right now.  Why not try?  See what YOU can do with it.  Think of the digital creations you can make from invitations to photo panels, storybooks and more.  Remember, I am here to help you.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Get $20 Creative Memories product free

I am SO excited for you!  Creative Memories has launched the brand new loyalty rewards club and guess what?  I am super see, its so exclusive that consultants cannot even join!  But you can...

Rewards Club

Short and sweet...the club pays YOU in free product, starting with $20 to shop with just for joining.  Here are a few of the cool things you get for being a member.

*exclusive product nobody else can get
*15% of your purchases comes back for you to shop with
*brand new online community for Creative Memories fans!

Dont miss out...this is the hottest thing to hit scrapbooking this year!  Just click on the logo link above and join in the exclsive club.