Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who says you cant buy your friends?

The other day when the kids were out of school, I took my youngest daughter Madison and her friend to the MOA or Mall of America.  I also took about 400 photos there just to capture the day!  The girls rode on all of the rides that were open, and had a blast at Build-A-Bear too.  Yes, they bought their friends at the mall.

I think making new friends is one of the coolest part of being a Creative Memories Consultant.  I love meeting new people, and it does not matter where I go I am sure to talk to else would I be able to meet so many new friends?  Reaching out to groups and individuals is a big part of my life.  Heck, I have made friends in the aisle at the grocery store!

My lesson for the day?  Get out there, meet some people and spend the time enjoing them.  Investing in others is another way you can bless them, and be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Got kids?  Take photos of their friends and share them.  Got pets?  Why not go to the park with your dog and meet some others with the same interests you do?  The idea is to be a friend, and grow in your own life.

How did I make this page?  It is simple...I started with a predesigned page with Storybook Creator software and dragged in my photos, clicked to add words and saved it.  You can do it, and I will help...

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Creative Memories Blog Candy! Free Stuff!

Celebrating over 2000 visits to my blog today means that I am also celebrating with goodies!  I am SO excited to offer you this amazing fun goodie package, and all you have to do is leave a comment to get in the drawing for free stuff.  I will contact the winner to find out if you are a digital diva or traditional scrapbooker.  Thanks for all of your visits, and the fun I have had getting to know so many of you.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Totally Loveable

I am sharing a cute little thank you note that I will send to the Bismarck Creative Memories Consultants that hosted an area meeting this week.  We were very blessed to be there with them in their celebrating of several consultants for promotions and other well deserved awards.  Thanks ladies, it was a pleasure!

It is really very simple to make a cute card like this.  You see, it is all digital.  If that scares you just by my saying the word digital, let me explain.  This card is made just like a pizza.  First you have the crust, which would be the pink paper.  Then on top of that you might add sausage, but just on part of the pizza.  That sausage would be the flower border.  The photo would be like the cheese, almost covering the whole thing.  And personally I love black olives, so a bit of them would be the text.  When you melt it all together it is a digital scrapbook page like this one!  Everything is a little part, that is layered and then melted together.  There is literally a menu in the software, and you look at the items you want to use.  Then just grab them with your mouse and drag them to where you want.  It really is that simple...and remeber I will help:)

A personalized thankyou card just like this will cost me ten cents to print out.  You can do that at home too of course.  I choose to print many at once, and upload to the nearest one hour photo Walgreens, or CVS has.  Its easy!  And personalized which is special.  Now, think of what you might send as a card this winter.  Valentines, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, New Baby...whatever you can think of, you can do in your own home!  Is it late to send a birthday card to get there in time?  EMAIL ONE!  That can be done in minutes, and you know it will be there for the special time.

What are you waiting for?  Got photos?  Got ideas?   Need ideas?  Is this the year you will get started? 
Make a decision to learn something new that will enhance your life in so many ways.  Get Started today!

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I used digital papers and embellishments from the brand new kit LOVABLE! 

With digital, you never run out of paper, or stickers.  You get to use them over and over again.  Digital Scrapbooking?  It's AWESOME!

Todays Quote:

I believe half the unhappiness in life comes from people being afraid to go straight at things.  ~William J. Lock

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Do you deserve to keep what you worked hard for?

My Mother had been asking for new photos of the kids for her fridge.  At Christmas, I gave her a new 4x6 of each kiddo that would be a little cuter than just the straight photo.  Download the free version and see how cool it is.  It is easy to create with the
Isn't it funny how we can think just because we are somewhere, that we arrived at something we worked for... that we deserve to stay there?  Why is that?  I am not talking about things, but progress to our successes. 

It reminds me of a friend that I had a long chat with.  She is AMAZING!  A very talented photographer that has worked hard for many years.  I must say that she has a very unique style and captures the most incredible moments in peoples lives.  So we were chatting about how she would love for her calendar to be full with sessions, and how it is hard to be in business for many years but have a slow month. friend and I asked a few simple questions.  The chat was really awesome and brought her back to what she loves...helping people capture the amazing moments in their lives so that they can be cherished for years and years in the photographs.   She called me later with GREAT news about her business that happened after our discussion, and after her perspective had changed to faithful.

You see, you might have worked really hard to get somewhere, but that does not mean that you deserve to stay there forever without working hard to do so.  Never lose the perspective that success is a constant.  It is consistent and needs to be reviewed and updated often.  Keep things fresh, and apply those changes.  Just because you have been doing something for a long time does not mean that you are doing a good job with it anymore.  Be the best you can be everyday and the positive attitude that you omit might just encourage others to do the same!

Todays quote:

The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress.  ~Joseph Joubert, Pensées, 1842

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Take better digital photos

Do you love photos?  There are so many wonderful stories in them.  When I have a camera in hand, I am inspired to capture those memories and know that I can enjoy them time and time again.  One of the main reasons I joined Creative Memories was to keep celebrating my photos.  Scrapbooking, whether traditional or digital is how I celebrate those memories.  What does that mean to me?  I guess I am a natural storyteller, and I love to share what I love with others.  When I create with my photos and my words ( journaling)  I feel like the memory is there to look back on, for anyone that wants to experience it.  Just a few weeks ago my Mother thanked me for taking all of the photos over the years.  That really touched me, and made me so glad that even though there were times that some family members did not want their photo taken, it was still important to get most of the shots.

Are you the one in your family or group that loves snapping photos? 

These days, there are so many digital ways to take a photo that there is no real excuse in not taking them....if you want to that is.  For those that would like to improve their photos, there is a way to get better results!

If you would like to learn more, do what I did!  Learn from the pro's, and be proud of the photos you take.  When you schedule your Photo Solutions Part with me, we will watch the Nick Kelsh's video " how to photograph your baby" and learn about taking better photos!  It made a huge difference in the results I am getting with mine.  Here is a quick clip to show you a little more.

Here is a link to the Nick Kelsh blog that I love...

Todays Quote:

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.  ~Eudora Welty

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gettin Tecki with it!

Who loves free stuff?  I sure do, and at Tecki Tuesday you can get a free Tecki Tip card every week!  A lesson, fun people to hang out with and a tip card?  VERY cool!

Read about Tecki Tuesday by clicking the tab above, and join us as often as you can...

This morning I was so happy to get back to my networking group after a two week holiday break.  These are the people that believe in bringing business and people together, and they support by taking action.  Each of the people that I surround myself with definitely believe that people come before profit.  That is a VERY important outlook in business.  

Putting people first is one way that we can make this world a little better.  How many times do you see the greedy driver pushing people out of the way to get just one car length ahead?  Why?  What does that person neede in his life to maybe be a person that actually shares the road?  Or this one, have you been in line and someone kinda casually ends ahead of you?  You KNOW that they were behind you and it was so important to push ahead and be first that they forgot about being kind?  I think its time to set the example again.  One that comes about pretty well during the holidays, but then gets shoved onto the back burner. 

People first.  I ask you today " what can I do for you?"  It is about people, relationships and being a better person for it all.  I challenge you to do the same...find a way to make someone else come out ahead today:)

Todays quote:

I like her because she smiles at me and means it.  ~Anonymous

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tecki Tuesday

Tuesdays are awesome here in Dayton, MN.  Tuesdays mean its time to go back to school...Digital Scrapbooking school that is!  Let's talk about that and what it means.  First of all, you already have a computer or access to one and that is the first step.  If you can email, then this will work for you too.

Let's back up for a minute...and find out if this is something you think would help you. are talking to a friend and the discussion leads to a recent event like a wedding, birth or vacation comes up.  The friend asks " do you have any pictures, I would love to see them".  Which one of these statements describes your reaction...

1.  I do, but I am not sure where they are.
2.  Here, take a you show them your digital camera and scroll through the perfect shots you took, sharing them on a 2" screen.
3.  They are on the computer, but I cant find them.

The question to ask yourself is " why do I bother to take photos if I cannot enjoy and share them"?

Back to Tecki Tuesday.  The main idea was to have a regular day assigned where we could all gather, have a Tecki Tip, work on our photos and projects and just enjoy a nice night out.  What has it developed into?  All of those, plus more!  I believe in the regularity of our Tecki some weeks you just cant make it and that is ok too.  Just think, if you can make it one night a month you have 12 nights of working on your projects.  Isnt that better than none at all?

Ok, what do you need? 

1. A computer.  It is much easier with a laptop computer, thats for sure. But if you dont, why not come and find out what we are doing and when you go home you have a new lesson, questions answered and are ready to work on your own home computer. 

2.  Creative Memories makes two programs for your photos.  Memory Manager ($39.95) sorts, organizes and edits your photos.  Storybook Creator software for PC or SBC Studio software for MAC (each $64.95) is where you create your projects.   Projects range from 4x6 photos, to mugs and t-shirts.  If you can come up with an idea, we can find a way in your own software to make it happen. 

3.  A will for a better way with your photos.  This is not for is for people that would like to celebrate their memories.  If you love photos, why not give it a try and see how sweet it is when you can actually find and share them?  It is possible, and yes even for the non-tecki like me.

Tecki Tuesdays always FREE, and are every Tuesday from 7-10 pm. 
Come when you can, and leave a little Teckier.

18600 124th Ave N.
Dayton, MN

Todays Quote:

Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.  ~Henry Ford

Monday, January 3, 2011

I love Mondays!

Happy first Monday of the new year.  2011 is going to be an amazing year and I am planning to make that happen here in my home.  It was not always like this of raising 5 kids was super busy, and definitely not smiley every Monday morning.  Life moves like that though, as if not to bore us.  There are challenges, and difficulties that face us along with blessings and gifts.  Today, I am focusing on the good things, and I hope you do too.

Why is it so easy to lose motivation?  How can we be so hard on ourselves, and lose the faith it takes to believe?  I see that we need good people that support us without harsh words.  For those that are miserable will do just about anything to take you down with them.  Cutting back on the time spent with the smile suckers just means less time being negative and a better chance at turning your own attitude around.  A positive outlook is necessary to believe.  And it is a choice to be happy:)

Today, being the first REAL business day of 2011, I want to set the stage for success.  And I want to ask what you are working toward in 2011?  Have you set goals for your life, family, and businesses?  What do YOU want to achieve?  Here are a few goals of mine for the new year.

* To earn all four tiers of  the rewards for Showcase, the Creative Memories convention in Minneapolis.  What does that include?  First, you can earn the registration of $199.  Next,  you can earn $200 cash to spend!  Tier three is an additonal $200 cash, and the fourth tier is an extended hotel stay!  After just three weeks working toward it, I have achieved the first two tiers.  YAHOO!  And there is 6 months to do the next two, so I am going to work hard to achieve them too.

*  To build my Story Stars team to 50 amazing consultants!  We are on our it time for you to learn more about being a Creative Memories consultant?  No experience necessary, just a belief that maybe this could work for you too.  Take a minute to read about it HERE!

* To lose 50 pounds - follow my blog 90 Days To Lose It and watch my progress...and start your own plan:)  We can do it, I absolutely believe that.

So, those are some of my goals, what are yours for the new  year?

I wanted to share this with you today.  It is a digital page I created in my CM Storybook Creator Software.  If you love photos, this program can help you organize your photos and create amazing projects.  I printed three copies, one for each of us.  And no, I do not print at home although you can...I cant beat the price of just ten cents a print at Walgreens or CVS pharmacy.  Imagine putting this into a cute frame and giving it as a gift?  Ok, not the photo of MY family, one of your own:)  Why not check out what Storybook Creator can help you do with your photos??? 

Download Storybook Creator for PC

Download  SBC studio for MAC

Ask me about getting it FREE! 

This one below is  my sister Julie, my Mom and me this Fall.  Julie comes really often from Atlanta to Minneapolis to check in on Mom and Dad.  I am SO glad as I get to see her often too.  Family is so important, whether they are blood relations or not.  Did you know that I am adopted?  I think the blond and blue features of my entire family are a dead giveaway!

Todays quote:

We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.  ~Calvin Coolidge

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ahhh, the final photo!

Today, hubby and I went to visit Jeff and the Bridge.  We were definitely ready to give eachother a big hug after achieving our goals on Friday night.  WOW!  I think it would have been impossible to rip the smiles off of our faces.  Congrats Bridge!!!  We did it!

Along the way to achieving our goals, there was SO much communication.  We talked, texted, emailed and saw eachother in person daily.  The Monday morning meeting really keeps us on track and it is nothing more than a time set aside to start the week off with a bang!  We pool our resources, and our efforts to make the job more fun and easier. 

In addition, it is much more fun to work with a goal buddy.  This person can help share ideas, goals and inspiration.  It is so rewarding when someone you are working with hits the mark and achieves what they set out to is kind of like having kids!  You are just so proud of them for doing a good job.  :)

What do you want to accomplish?  Do you have someone you can share your dreams and goals with?  Do you think you can do it???  Believing in yourself is half of the work.  Start there, and find someone to support you in what you are working towards.  If you dont have anyone, contact me!  I believe in you...

Todays Quote:

Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.  ~Author Unknown

Saturday, January 1, 2011

90 days to make it!

Let's start this blog post off with the information you  have been waiting to hear...did I do it?  The Challenge was to work my new Creative Memories for 90 days strong.  The goals I had to achieve in order to prove that this business can be beneficial financially, fulfilling emotionally, and inspiring to others.  Here is what had to happen for my success to happen in the first 90 days so that being a Creative Memories consultant could stay my full time job and career choice.

1.  To achieve income comparable to my working full time out of the house.
2.  To actively recruit, and personally activate 6 new consultants on my team.
3.  To earn my first incentive with CM, a trip to Cancun.
4.  To promote my Story Stars team and be personally promoted to Unit Leader by January 1st, 2011.
5.  To have a following of people that want to track my journey on my blog., inspiring them to believe.

Ok, here is the progress along the way to my goals.

1.  Goal Achieved!
2.  Goal Achieved!
3.  Goal Achieved!
4.  Goal Achieved!
5.  Goal Achieved!

Thanks to God for helping me to believe in my dreams and the possibilities of my success.  The inspiration that I have had, and the faith has been mind blowing.  Through the work, networking, and prayers I am proud to say that all of my goals have been achieved!

Let's take a closer look at what really happened along the way as some challenges came up.

1.  The financial goal that was determined included both myself and hubby.  It was VERY important to know what we wanted and that we decided together.  Dont kid yourself, it is hard to nail down a dollar amount, but if you dont know what you want to achieve and track it along the way, how are you going to truly get there?  Nobody really wants to talk about money when a dream is involved, but dreams are just that.  Dreams, until you take action to make them goals.  Finances are tough.  Please know that going into this I did not have a bankroll, in fact I had to borrow the $50 signup money to get started!  There was no credit cards to pre-purchase inventory, or help make anything here happen.  Money is tight, and will be but with my goals in place, my success will bring in the money we need to better manage along the way.

2.  Recruiting...oh, Annette loves recruiting!  What is so wonderful about bringing in new consultants?  They have amazing energy and belief!  The real fun starts when the lights go on and they really get it...what can be done, and how can it benefit them?  I love to coach and mentor the self employed and I get to do this everyday with a team!  I am BLESSED to say that our goal of 6 was met, and actually we ended with 12 consultants on the team including myself.  Double what the goal was, and they are amazing winners!  This team is on our way to the top and I truly believe in them.  They all pulled together to make the team shine and I am so proud of the STORY STARS!  We did it...together:)

3.  When I first set out to make this happen, I wanted to earn a trip through Creative Memories.  As a consultant, there are trips regularly offered as incentives and I have heard amazing things about them!  CM treats you like royalty and I wanted to be included.  The first trip was to Cancun, and had two tiers.  The first was to earn a rebate for leadership retreat and the second was  to earn the trip with a guest.  In 62 days working my CM business I had achieved the leadership rebate of $500!  That pays for my travel and hotel costs.  Honestly, it was SO amazing to earn the first tier so I will be traveling to Cancun the first week of February to share my experiences and be inspired by others living their dreams.  I have to say that I need to work more effectively in the future, as I did not earn the second tier which would have allowed me to bring my hubby along.  Mark my words, that will not happen again.

4. this is a fun part to blog about.  This goal was personally set as a huge challenge as with a team, you are working with others to hit a goal.  The promotion here is shared with my amazing Story Stars as they are instrumental to our team success.  Together the team had goals both financially, and through activation of new consultants.  We were short at the beginning of December when I met with the Bridge.  She was working on holiday gifts and promotion gifts during our Monday morning meeting time.  She was working on a big mug for me, that would say Congradulations Annette Brisse, Unit Leader promotion, January 1st 2011.  She asked if I wanted to see it and being the kind of person that loves to know it all, I said YES!  First, the poor girl had to deal with me asking for a splash of pink, with all of the CM blue designs she had put on the she smiled, and did that for me:)  Next, knowing that we were still short recruits and sales for the month, and knowing it was closing in she asked if I was sure about the date.  I thought for a second and said " failure is not an option".  She just said okay, hoping that it would happen.  This last week we  have checked in on the phone, text, email, psychic messages ( ok not that one) and along the way I kept saying to her " God first, it will happen, just believe"  And "failure is not an option, the mug is made".   Well yesterday, the last day of the three months I gave myself, along with being the day everything had to be in I was really excited to tell her " I get to keep my mug"!  She just laughed, we screamed with excitement and the best part was that she said " Annette, I will never doubt what you can do again". 
Just so that you know it is not all about me...Bridge was $5000 away from her goal of making director by January 1st just two days ago too.  That is a lot of sales to come in to make it happen...a LOT!  When we would talk, I kept telling her that she has to believe...another side note here is that my friend Heather had made me a necklace with a charm on it that says "believe".  No matter what, this entire month I put that necklace on every day, keeping close at heart the faith that it takes to succeed.  Bridge told me that yesterday she put hers on too, needing $4000 yesterday to make it happen and become a director.    Last night at 9:30 pm she called me and said that she made it and that Team Legacy is not a director team with CM.  CONGRATS TO EVERYONE TODAY!!!  WE DID IT TOGETHER!~

5.  Follow inspiration.  It is easy to say, and you know what?  It is easy to excuses, just put the right people in front of you to keep moving you in a positive direction.  I am SO excited to say that I have received literally hundreds of emails telling me how inspiration my blog has been, and how motivating in their lives.  As of today my blog has had over 1700 hits and it is growing everyday.  It has been my  honor to bring a daily quote to you, and a message of faith and believing.  Also, to share my life and let you into a little corner of my days.  Thank you for inspiring me, and I hope to continue to inspire you in whatever you chose to achieve. 

What have I learned over this past 90 days? 

1. is that God comes first.  I had many prayers along the way and am grateful for all that has come my way. 
2.  Faith is just doing it, knowing that your success is in working it...and believing. 
3.  Challenge yourself.  You might just surprise yourself with what you can do:) 
4.  Never settle.  I will be making goals and challenges every 90 days in my business.  I must continue to grow my business and myself at the same time. 
5.  Always believe that failure is not an option.  In the end, you might fall short of the goal but that is not failure...failure is failing to try and doing your best. 

Whats next for me?  Today is going to be a celebration with my family, as they believed in what I could achieve and they deserve Mom today.  Hey Brissebunch!  I believed in me because you believed in me first!

One more I finish this first challenge and work to build my business with Creative Memories, I am launching a new 90 days blog.  I hope you check it out and follow my  90 Days to lose it!

Todays quote:

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.  ~Booker T. Washington