Thursday, April 19, 2012

Back to Blogging!!!


My apologies for not blogging lately, things have been over the top busy as I have adjusted to my work schedule.  Yes, I started a full time job that I love, working at Cornerstone Auto Resource in Plymouth Mn.  Stop by sometime and say hey!!!

In the meantime, my kids and hubby are still awesome.  And I have been creating lots of fun things with my CM stuff.  This is the year to embrace the traditional scrapbooking for me, and I am loving it!  Here are a couple of pages I made, and have hanging around the house in my CM frames...and speaking of frames, there are a few of my brother Todd, who passed away just a few weeks ago in digital format.  I brought the frames to the funeral home and had them all around.

My love of CM products started with digital, including hosting Tecki Tuesdays each week where you can come and learn for free.  But it has moved into a  lot more as I have been invited by hosts gathering friends and family to learn digital as well.  Invite me to your place, whether a church or home.  I will be happy to teach you what I have learned, and share my resources:)

Photos are still my love, and although I am on the hunt for a new camera and am working only with my cell camera right now I am STILL taking tons of photos.  If you get a chance to visit my Facebook pages, whether personal or business   I have lots of fun photos including my smilies album.  I love to capture those smilies wherever I go, and I have even had friends send me their smilies.  Happy faces found in everyday life!!!  Here are a couple of examples...

Do you see the smiles?  Its funny how when you start to look for things, they are all around you.  I encourage you to look for the smiles all around YOU!!!  And send me your photos too.  I would love to share them.

How about some time to play?  Have you been looking for a crafty day?  Well  you are definitely invited to my National Scrapbook Day, which will be Saturday April 28th from 9am-midnight.  Just $35 gets your space to play, make and takes, door prizes, two meals, snacks water and more.  For those of you card makers, I will be bringing the BRAND NEW CM STAMPER SYSTEM!  Here is the video to see how it works...I am SO excited that CM has stamps now.  They are limited edition, so order early and I will bring your things to the crop.

Oh I do hope you can join me for the fun!!!

Thanks for asking how things are around here, and I am SURE to keep up on posting as soon as I can now.  Have a Blessed day, and be a blessing to someone who needs it.  Even if you might not want to, YOU could be the best thing that happens to them all day!