Tecki Tuesday

Imagine...you are talking to a friend and the discussion leads to a recent event like a wedding, birth or vacation comes up.  The friend asks " do you have any pictures, I would love to see them".  Which one of these statements describes your reaction...

1.  I do, but I am not sure where they are.
2.  Here, take a look...as you show them your digital camera and scroll through the perfect shots you took, sharing them on a 2" screen.
3.  They are on the computer, but I cant find them.

The question to ask yourself is " why do I bother to take photos if I cannot enjoy and share them"?

Back to Tecki Tuesday.  The main idea was to have a regular day assigned where we could all gather, have a Tecki Tip, work on our photos and projects and just enjoy a nice night out.  What has it developed into?  All of those, plus more!  I believe in the regularity of our Tecki Tuesdays...as some weeks you just cant make it and that is ok too.  Just think, if you can make it one night a month you have 12 nights of working on your projects.  Isnt that better than none at all?

Ok, what do you need? 

1. A computer.  It is much easier with a laptop computer, thats for sure. But if you dont, why not come and find out what we are doing and when you go home you have a new lesson, questions answered and are ready to work on your own home computer. 

2.  Creative Memories makes two programs for your photos.  Memory Manager ($39.95) sorts, organizes and edits your photos.  Storybook Creator software for PC or SBC Studio software for MAC (each $64.95) is where you create your projects.   Projects range from 4x6 photos, to mugs and t-shirts.  If you can come up with an idea, we can find a way in your own software to make it happen. 

3.  A will for a better way with your photos.  This is not for everyone...it is for people that would like to celebrate their memories.  If you love photos, why not give it a try and see how sweet it is when you can actually find and share them?  It is possible, and yes even for the non-tecki like me.

Tecki Tuesdays always FREE, and are Tuesday nights from 7-10 pm. 
Come when you can, and leave a little Teckier.

18600 124th Ave N
Dayton, MN 55327

Todays Quote:

Coming together is a beginning.  Keeping together is progress.  Working together is success.  ~Henry Ford