Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do you like to shop? How about for FREE?

Saturday...I love the weekend and spreading a little joy in the Creative Memories spirit is perfect for today.  Shortcut to the deals?  Sure...just go to my Facebook Business Page and "LIKE"  it by hitting the like button.  Then watch it all day!  What is happening today? 

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Todays going to be a fun day.  Not on Facebook?  Leave me a comment here on my blog, and become a follower.  I will host a special drawing just for you too.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Announcing our newest bundle!

And isnt she cute?  Ok, maybe it is a he...not sure, but yes on the CUTE!  Check out all of the details and get yours for summertime gift giving.  Perfect for Grads, Dads, new babies and more. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our graduate

Looks like our little boy is all ready for the world!  He had his last day of high school today, went off to work and is looking forward to graduating this Sunday evening.  I am SO happy that I took the time to get those pictures when the kids were little.  Money was tight, and there were months that would go by without developing those photos and when we did?  I might bring in ten or more rolls at a time!  It was worth it.

To remember the good times, and look forward to new ones with awesome memories someday in the future, there is really nothing like photos to stir those feelings.  Get back in the habit of grabbing the camera and snapping what you can.  Those pictures are just priceless to me now.  It woudl be hard to go back and try to get a photo of Mikey in a Barney backpack.  Recreating those days might be tough!  :)

 I urge you to get the photos in  your life organized...start here with our Memory Manager.  I know it can be a little scary to think about software, but remember that I will help you!  $40 is all it costs, and I know where all of my 27,000 photos are in my vault.  Please do the backups and know that your memories are safe!


Now that you are thinking about about creating?  Our Storybook Creator software is simple to use, just get started!  FREE training of course...and tons of freebies too.  Why not make great pages like mine above to post to Facebook, Twitter, and more.  And of course you can create photo panels, pages and other fun things.  Invest yourself in  your memories, and make NEW ones too!  Your life can change for the better when you enhance with your photos.  I am dedicated to helping you when you need me.  Just ask:)  Here are some of the fun things you can make.