Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Pages just for fun...get the picture?

Perfectly beautiful weather!!!  Thats just part of the wondeful Easter celebration at our home yesterday...the kids running around, lovely colors, and family time was just as perfect.  So how did I do this?  Predesigned pages from Creative Memories! Learn about CM digital right here!

Now that my new computer is all ready with my digital programs moved and papers installed too?  The sky is the limit for how much I can create!  Starting with predesigned pages made each of these take minutes, and the cost to play?, who wants to play with me? 

Tomorrow is Tecki Tuesday where I teach, you learn and the friendships you have a graduate this spring?  Me too!  That means lots of new projects to work on in the next 6 weeks.  I am here to  help:)

Do you want more?  More creative time, cash in  your pockets and new people in your life?  Join my amazing Story Stars team FREE!  Find out more here...JOIN CM!  I cant wait to meet you!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Motivation

This morning I want to share about motivation.  I send out a team email each Monday that is designed to inspire others to take action in their businesses.  We have the coolest business as Creative Memories consultants.  We are positively moving toward helping others find photo solutions with our products.

Here is part of the email:)  I hope you like it...

What motivates you to act?
You are in business, and it is your decision to make things happen...everyone is different, but to be IN business you must take action toward results.   What do you want?  What inspires you the most?  Today, being a Monday...a new start to the week and possibly a new start to your business I ask, are you motivated to take action?
Allright, now the question I have for you today is the same...what motivates you to act?  This time I want to know what motivates you to do something with your pictures and the memories of those pictures?
Yesterday I was going through some boxes from my parents home.  They are moving, and SO much was thrown out that it makes me sick.  But, most was saved.  As my brother and I went through a few boxes we found items such as bronzed baby shoes that my Father wore, and pocket watches from at least 100 years ago.  For me, it is the story!  I am taking photos and will bring my computer to my parents today and ask them for the stories.  I am SO excited to hear them, and write the description of each item into my Memory Manager.  Our Creative Memories software is designed to help you keep the stories with the photos. 
Reading my email, does this motivate you?  Would you like to learn more?  btw, the program is just $39.95 and you can get started today!  Take a look at our Memory Manager program.  Just CLICK HERE