Friday, July 15, 2011

Pre-order your Cricut Expression 2 Free shipping!

Oh my gosh, I am SO excited! Creative Memories is a business partner with the makers of Cricut and as consultants we just got the word that the brand new Cricut Expression 2 will be released this fall.  You know what that means??  Papercrafters everywhere will be ordering theirs just in time for Christmas! 

What could be better than this news?  That fact that as a Showcase attendee I will be allowed to order as many of these wonderful crafting machines as my friends and customers would like, and they will be shipped out before anyone else is allowed to get them!!!

BE THE FIRST!  Here are the awesome details of this brand new Cricut...the best yet!



Thursday, July 7, 2011

From The UK to the USA

Every other year our family is blessed by the arrival of a very special group of people that we love...our visitors are my sister Katherine, her hubby Robert and their boys Hywel and Rhodri.  We are right in the middle of the country here in Minnesota and my sisters family lives in Wales, UK. 

They arrive with their accents in tow, excited and smiling for the few weeks they are here.  The kids have a sleepover and celebration of my nephews birthdays, since they miss out on having any family for theirs each time.  And the Brisse family does birthdays loud, and full of fun.

We get together to celebrate our family!  We love laughing, sharing stories, and creating memories.  It is just wonderful to see them when they visit...and hard to see them all go for another two years.  It is important to take lots of photos as we will not see them for a while again and our kids miss eachother of course.

Last year when they came for a visit, I decided to create a Storybook for the boys birthdays and send it to them.  Well, it is completed and ordered and I thought it would be fun to share some of the pages with you.  Todays page is the first few of many...the front cover and first two page spread featuring "American Football".  You see, Rhodri loves football and plays in Wales but that is Rugby over there.  Mikey, my son loves the game as well but is twice Rhodris size.  He is so playful with him though and Rhodri loves every bit of the attention spent on him.  Last summer, Mikey awarded the "game ball" to him and the smile lit up the room!

I cant wait to see the book in person and send it over to the UK. And I cant WAIT for them to come next year.  365 days to go!